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     The Lemurian Choir
     project is sponsored by...

    under the loving guidance of...

 as channeled through Lee Carroll.
The Lemurian Choir Rehearsal Seminars offer general instruction in toning and over toning
and teach the practice of the 24 Lemurian Pineal TonesTM with a two-fold purpose:

1.  Build skills for the personal use of tonal techniques for healing, increased health and extended life
2.  Provide the foundational understanding necessary to qualify for the 2012 Lemurian Reunion  

Your personal use and practice of toning techniques are powerfully transformative
for life extension and increased physical, mental and emotional health. 
Open to EVERYONE - all are welcome!!!

This intensive two-day class will provide the necessary training that will create a solid foundation for all twenty four of the Lemurian Pineal TonesTM.

Dr. Todd received the tones one by one, all 24 tones may not have been available at the seminars
attended early in the program. Not to worry. There will be 2 days of rehearsals at the 2012 Reunion in Maui when ALL the tones are taught and practiced so you can pick up what was not yet available at the time you trained.

Remember...each seminar teaches all of the critical, foundational aspects that are applied to the entire 24 tone series. After that, its just a matter of applying what you learned to the new tones as they are released. All 24 tones are now offered at all
rehearsals currently scheduled. Reduced tuition rates are offered for participants of past Pineal Tone seminars for those wishing to pick up the tones that were not available at the time of their training. 

Learn ancient tonal harmonics, lost in antiquity,

preparing for the first "Lemurian Choir" in 26,000 years!

"Ancient Harmonics for a New Galactic Cycle"

A Two-Day Qualifying Rehearsal Seminar
with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and Special Guests

Various professionals attend some seminars to share their expertise:

Deb Delisi
Visionary artist, creator of the Pineal Tone artwork series

Michelle Karen
World renown astrologer, author, Shaman

Lenedra Carroll
Professional singer and songwritier, vocal and overtone trainer

Throat singer, vocal and instrumental recording artist, teacher

Dr. Mary Kennedy
Gemstone therapist, crystal bowl artist, laser enhanced jewelry

The Lemurian Choir project is built upon an especially profound method of singing or "toning" vocal frequencies called the Pineal Toning Technique™. It is modeled after an ancient system that produces a deeply peaceful and centered state of being. There are 24 toning levels - the elements of a chorale symphony.

Over two transformational days you will build skills to derive personal benefit through the use of tonal techniques.

~ Learn how to cultivate your vocal instrument.
~ Activate the body's innate ability to heal and rejuvenate.
~ Open perceptual pathways to enhance intuition.
~ Awaken dormant faculties of the body/mind.

In addition to the profound benefits your personal toning practice will bring, your attendance also qualifies you to participate in the 2012 choir performance in Maui, if you are so called.

Life Extension: Physical Rejuvenation & Regeneration

Dr. Todd Okokaitys is a renowned medical doctor and researcher who will share his expertise on nutrition, metabolism and natural methods to maintain health and balance. Life Extension segments will enhance the weekend program while giving rest to the vocal instrument.

~ Hear about Dr. Todd's clinical studies in restoring the immune system and regenerating heart tissue.
~ Learn practical ways to plan your personal rejuvenation program for biological and mental youthfulness.
~ PLUS, receive a gift sampling of rare and exotic alchemical substances that support peace, well being & empowerment.