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Creating 24 tones within 12 double-tones is not as easy as you might think! It will take some explanation, discovery, and practice. Therefore, in order to qualify to register for the 2012 Lemurian Reunion, you must attend at least ONE Rehearsal Seminar with Dr. Todd that is currently scheduled, or promise to attend one before the event.

In order to ensure that we get maximum results and impact from the final performance at the Reunion, each participant must be fully trained and comfortable with singing the tones with pure intent. The Rehearsal Seminars provide the necessary training that create a solid foundation for all of the Pineal TonesTM. Because Dr. Todd received the tones one by one, the full series of 24 tones may not have been available at some seminars early in the program.

Not to worry. There will be two days of rehearsals in Maui when ALL the tones are taught and practiced so you can pick up what was not yet available at the time you trained. Remember...each seminar teaches all of the critical, foundational aspects that are applied to the entire 24 tone series. After that, its just a matter of applying what you learned to the new tones that come out.


1. Learn a minimum of 15 Pineal TonesTM
2. One qualifying Rehearsal Seminar 
    Promise to attend a two-day Rehearsal Seminar
This promise is given at registration where you may choose from the currently scheduled seminars.
It's okay to change your mind if you decide to attend at a different location.

2010 - 2012

 Atlanta, GA
 September 2012
 Bogota, Columbia
 July 2012
 Boston, MA    
 November 2011
 Boulder, CO
 May 2012
 Brussels, Belgium    
 April 2012
 Buenos Aires, Arg
 July 2012
 Edmonton, AB      
 March 2012
 Kazakhstan  December 2010
 Kiev, Ukraine
 May, 2012
 Lisbon, Portugal  May 2011
June 2012
 Madison, WI
 October 2012
 Melbourne, Australia
 August 2012
 Minneapolis, MN
 November 2011
 Moscow, Russia  Fall 2010
 May 2011
 October 2011
 May, 2012
 Philadelphia, PA    
 September 2012
 Portland, OR
 March, 2012
 Riga, Latvia April 2010
April 2011
 Salt Lake City, UT
 May 2011
 September 2011
 San Antonio, TX
 June, 2012
 San Diego, CA  November 2010
 November 2011
 San Jose, CA
 November 2012
 Santiago, Chili
 July 2012
 Sao Paolo, Brazil     
 July 2012
 Seattle, WA
 September, 2012
 Sedona, AZ  June 2010
 June 2011
 June 2012
 Toronto, ON
 November, 2012
 Washington DC  May 2011
 Wurtzburg, Germany  May 2011    

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