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through Lee Carroll

Gematria Meeting
San Diego, California
November 2010

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There are those who would say that the channeling process itself is too grand of an event for a Human Being to accomplish… to cross the bridge of dimensions this quickly. Many would say that there has to be a temperament of consciousness [time of readiness] to go from 3D to quantum. There are those who would also say it is like an oxymoron to have a Human Being channeling at all, for you have the linear parts meeting the quantum parts and they don’t talk well with each other. But in this new energy, which you are seeing here, this is the way of it. You have waited a long time for this.

My partner said that the core group is here, but he does not know what I know. The core group are Lemurians, old souls… and very old. It is seldom that you would have the kind of a group in a place where most have that attribute, but this is one of them. The irony here is that this is not the first time you in the group have sat in front of Yawee and had him give you the tones. So for some of you there is a remembrance, and as you look at the screen and you see his attempt to spell something un-spell-able, you have to laugh a little. You’ve sat at his feet before and it rings in your DNA and you know it. More than sounds, they are expressions of quantumness in the field of your DNA itself and if you could see inter-dimensional bonds of influence, they make colors when you tone. So it is actually the light that you make that makes the difference. Light is quantum.

I have much to say, but I’m not going to spend a long time saying it. I sit in a place where there is great intellect. I want to remind you of something: Spirit does not come in here to give you scientific information. Humans will find what they find on their own. Spirit comes into this place because Spirit is in love with you in the highest possible way. Pieces of God, of Spirit, are within you on this planet right now.

All this grandness is hidden from you while you try to learn, or remember, what’s inside. And you do it voluntarily, and you’ve done it for fifty thousand years. But you couldn’t wait for this [this lifetime] for it is the return of the alignment [Galactic Alignment] which brings you an energy of decision - personal, cultural, spiritual.

Being Lemurian [as many of you are] you have felt it before. You might say Lemuria was literally born out of the 2012 energy. When the precession of the equinoxes were at the center point the last time, Lemuria was created.* So you’ve seen two cycles, only two as Humans with the Pleiadian seed. Two is very descriptive. Two is the number of duality, is it not? It’s the number of divine vs. Human. So it always brings that energy decision: Divine or Human? Now it’s time to unify, or split apart... the choice is upon you. Here you sit with this energy yet again.

Spirit comes to you because of the love of God, and so all that follows is postured in that, for this is the focus of all our messages. When Spirit comes to you, it is with our heads bowed in appreciation, in respect, and in honor for family doing hard work. And when I come before Lemurians, it is profound for me. I have been talking to you for fifty thousand years* and you have been talking back. I’m going to get into that in just a moment. It’s important that you understand a little bit of what you are being taught in the room.. before I tell Yawee what he’s going to do next. I think he already knows it.

Twenty six feet is approximately eight meters.. and that is the 3D field of your DNA influence. That means every single one of you sitting in the room is in a proximity with another, and that’s the way it was designed. It would be difficult for the Human Being not to interface with another Human, since you have overlapping DNA fields. This is the design and it’s on purpose. You’re supposed to support one another.

Those who have the attribute of the true hermit are the ones who feel the field and don’t like them, and don’t want anything to do with them, and will go to the ends of the earth not to be with another Human Being. But for the rest of you, it is what you want to do. You don’t like to be alone, and you want to pair up. You want to have gatherings, get together and have company.

It’s more than procreation, for it has to do with sharing that which is the DNA field. And there are reasons for that. Light-worker, you go from place to place planting seeds of light yet you may feel alone and may wonder why you are in that job that you asked to be removed from, or the relationship you have asked to be removed from.. not understanding that every single place you go, your DNA field, filled with wisdom, filled with the ages, filled with the ancestors, is filling the space around you with light. You influence others in a quantum way, even when they don’t even know you are there. You walk in the field of Gaia [quantum influence of the Earth] and it is influenced by the seeds that you plant where your footsteps go.

This is why we come to you and channel, to enhance the Human Being. So here you are on the cusp of the alignment yet again. It is the same feeling of the birth of Lemuria. It has some of the same attributes of those you greeted from the skies in the past, and here you are yet again. Within the last hour and a half, you even mentioned the mountain [Shasta] where there is a quantum affect daily. You can feel it when you go to Shasta.

Esoterically, it is believed that the tonalities have an inter-dimensional overtone structure that creates light within your DNA field and a patterning which can be seen by a quantum engine. This is correct, and is the definition that Yawee is aware of.

But it’s even more than that. It is the return to the most basic communications you have ever known. Some of the tones seem funny. How many tones can the doctor make? (we might ask) How many funny noises are there? How fast can you do it? And to the 3D observer, it’s very odd. That’s all they can see: Funny noises and motions.

Take a beautiful rainbow in the sun, with a mist occurring so that it glows… and the colors are beautiful, almost surreal. Now take away color sight and you’re looking at it in shades of gray. Now take away most of the shades of gray and it appears as one black line. The 3D Human Being looks at the one black line and says, “I don’t understand it, but it feels okay. I don’t know what’s there, but somehow it reminds me of something else.”

So I want to tell you what you are really looking at metaphorically: You’re looking at a rainbow with infinite colors you cannot imagine, that only the quantum sight of God can see it fully. When you involve yourself with intent for the handshake that is there, in communication with these quantum noises and sounds and rhythms, you are awaking your remembrance within your own quantum DNA. Eventually this remembrance will flood through the very fabric of the quantum parts of your body, and the Lemurian in you will be reawakened.

Now, what does that mean to you, old soul? Let’s start with some basic cellular level information: When structure is balanced and snaps into place, you live longer. And if that weren’t good enough, you live longer with a better attitude, because the balance starts to reawaken the core information of why you are here. Mothers become better mothers and fathers become better fathers. There’s no limit to what can be improved in your life. Compassion increases.

DNA has an intelligence called “innate” that is wiser than your brain is about the body, and it’s a handshake with your consciousness, ready to help you do whatever you’re doing in life to make it better. It’s just that simple, but you can’t linearize it, and you can’t put it in boxes of intellect to make it make sense. It’s just beautiful, like the rainbow is just beautiful. When you see the rainbow, do you say, “Wait a minute, I can’t appreciate it until I know how it does that!” No… you just accept the grandness of it.

Now I want to take you on a mental trip, and I want my partner to go slow for this is information he doesn’t know and he’s never heard before. It is unique to this meeting, and unique to Yawee.

It is well known, even in this room, that the universe revolves around the twelves [Kryon is talking about the fact that base-12 is the real physics and not base 10] We’ve given many meetings and examples of this. The tens that you use just help show the linearity of your mathematics, of your science, and allow you to compute in 3D. At some point in time you will move from the 10s to the 12s in order to see the math which is elegant, complex, and based in potentials rather than rules. The math you have now, simply pushes everything into boxes that can be stacked in orderly ways. What if “real” math had no boxes at all, but instead made its own as it went along? Chaos? Only if you look at it in 3D. “Real math” is a creative energy, not an analytical set of static rules.

Any society that thinks it’s smart, yet continues to define a circle as an octagon with an infinite number of straight lines, is missing something. They are still straight-lining it, and that’s what your current science does. A sphere is the most common occurring shape in all of nature and the universe, yet your formula for it is an irrational number! [pi] Does this sound right to you? Twelve becomes the elegance of the math of the universe, and it shouts it to you if you are listening? There are some things that you cannot create in a box of tens. Time, for instance, will always remain base 12. Intrinsically, it falls that way. Look at your watch. Is there a 12 on it? Points of the compass are a Gaia energy and it will always be 360 degrees, another base-12 system. Even your music notation is base-12, creating 12 notes in an octave. The list is endless, yet you use 10 for your base. The base of the tones created by Yawee will be 12.

Now let me introduce you to something else, seemingly unrelated, but not. I will call it tonal structure. There is a man learning to play the clarinet. He starts very young, and eventually he becomes a Master. It’s a wooden instrument, and he loves the feel of it. It is made from some of the finest wood, processed and colored in just the right way and put together carefully, allowing him to play the 12 half-steps in music that we spoke of. But that’s all he can do. Even if he becomes the maestro, he is still only learning how to make the sonority of the twelve perfect, one at a time. So he knows intuitively that as good as the instrument is, and as good as the tones are, he needs to find an orchestra to really produce the “piece of the puzzle” he desires… the magic the clarinet was made for.

The group before me has just walked through 12 tonality dimensions [twelve tones]. Yawee is prolific, and he’s not finished. But some of you saying this: “That should be it... it ends with twelve, because that’s all there are. Kryon said so.” Ahh, but when I’m done, Yawee is going to be on his way to creating sixteen! So you might say, “Wait a minute, what’s he doing?” Well, I’m going to tell you. This may be news to him, so I’m going to carefully give him the time frame of it, and the full instructions.

How beautiful it is that you are learning each tone, just like the clarinet player. But you are now passing twelve, so I’ll tell you why. The clarinet player knows he’s missing something because he can only play one note at a time. But when he sits in a chair within an orchestra, and combines his mastery with the sonorities of all the other 12-note instruments, they come together to create the most beautiful sounds anybody has ever heard. When the orchestra plays, the magic occurs. When the clarinetist sits in his room, playing only 12 known notes, there is only personal magic for him. But when he sits in the orchestra, all of the rainbow colors come out. For the maestro who puts the notes together correctly with the others, creates the rainbow.

So I am going to tell you something, doctor: There are only twelve pineal energies. But you already have sixteen. So I will tell you why… because you are on your way to twenty four! When you get to twenty four, you are finished with the singular, linear training of pineal tones. But then comes the magic.

Listen carefully: Within the twenty four there are twelve energies, and that is when you have to do the hard work, for they pair up to create coherence [in-phase]. Within the twenty four are twelve pairs that will work together perfectly. Look at what is going on, doctor, because all things important happen in pairs. Look at science and look at your own specialty. Look at the base pairs of DNA! It’s a handshake of chemicals that never work alone. And you look at how many base pairs there are and you see the magic of the pairing up, the dance they do, the twists that happen, are the reality of pairs. You are looking at the same attributes with the sounds you are making. They were designed to be created in pairs.

I wish to take you back in time. Only thirty thousand years* Lemuria was still high, and the water had not yet come up [The bubble in the crust of the earth at the hot spot called Hawaii had not subsided]. I take you into a stadium, Yawee. It is filled with almost 800 people. They are selected to be there, selected for their voices and their knowledge. I want to take you there to feel this... four hundred are on one side facing the four hundred on the other side. You, Yawee, are in the middle, and they are singing pairs of pineal tones, creating quantum magic.

There will be twenty four individually matched tones that pair to create twelve energies when sung together. This becomes a language, and that is why some of them are sound, some of them are buzzing, and some of them even seem like spitting. They are not any of those things, for the overtones are rich, like punctuation marks within the others which are sung in a tonality way.

I want to show you something before I close, and before I tell you where you are going to do it and when. …it is intuitive to the Human Being.

There was a Lemurian who made a movie and many of you saw it, and his name was Steven Spielberg. Within the story, space creatures were called down from the sky with tones. Do you remember the movie? Now, do you remember what happened? Not only did they have tonal sequences which meant communications to those in the skies, but when they came down, they started playing the tones with each other. That is to say that one would play, and then the other would play, and then you had a duality did you not? A duet. You had a pair of energies. And if you remember the film, and the intuition of the one who wrote it, it wasn’t just sequences of tones. Instead, they became faster and faster and faster, did they not? This continued until they had one large blasting tone which was all encompassing of the others. The Lemurian remembered, didn’t he? That’s what you are learning as well, and remembering. Does this sound familiar?

Now, why would Lemurians sit, 400 on one side, 400 on the other? It wouldn’t matter if there were only 200 and 200… but why would they sit and tone together in these pairs that we tell you go together? Now I will tell you: Not only does it activate the DNA inside, it activates the Pleiadian part of the DNA. It activates that which is the most sacred seed given to you, Human Being, at the onset of that which you would call Creation, which gave you the pieces and the parts in your DNA which could sing with God. It starts a process that is communication with the creator’s purpose. There is more I’ll relate later.

And where do you think would be a good place to perform this ceremony, doctor? And when do you think it should be done? Hawaii is Lemuria, but Mt. Shasta is closer to you. Either one will work, for the Pleiadians are within both. The time is December 21, 2012.

Within one year you will have twenty four tones which takes you to Dec of 2012. You can have a meeting and you can sing the pairs. I will again say to you that a good place would be where the Lemurians decided to live in Mt. Shasta. The best place, however, would be on the mountain of Lemuria (Hawaii). Sometimes Shasta is difficult for Humans in winter. So I’ll just tell you, wherever you do it, they’ll be there. Get as close as you can. Now these things are only suggestions, but I know you’ll do it..


because you have done everything else that Spirit has asked you and you’ve done it well. (Kryon smile)

So this is the truth of the tones you’ve studied: Like the clarinetist, you’ve just learned the twelve by themselves. Now you are about ready to join the orchestra, and pair them with twelve more. The doctor will put them together, and many of you will sit in the orchestra.

Doctor, when you start putting them together, you will know that I am right. And how will you know which ones go with which ones? Yawee, you already do. The twist master knows how to twist them… which ones go with which ones. It will be his intuition, his Akashic remembrance, that will be there to create the magic which he started years ago, creating and singing them one at a time, just like the clarinet player. And I see it happening. And many of you will be there.

And so it is.


*The Lemurian timing might be confusing for some, since there are several seeming time-lines that Kryon has given. But they are not conflicting. In General, Kryon says the “seeds of the Pleadians” were planted in our DNA about 100,000 years ago. It took another 50,000 for us to emerge as ONE kind of Human Race instead of the many kinds we had before. This observation of many kinds of Humans disappearing about 100,000 years ago has been validated by Scientific American and the question has been asked in science, “where did all the variety go, and why.” Even science has noticed.

So now we are at “50,000 years ago” mark, and that’s when there is a variance. For it took another 20,000 or 30,000 years to bring Lemuria together. This seems very slow, but that’s the way Humans evolve… through generations of learning. Also note that history shows that the further back you go, the slower things appear to move in societal change. The children take the lead and then theirs do the same. So it took many, many generations to begin to build one of the first and most long lasting societies in Human history… isolated and in a place that science and geology say it couldn’t have been. But the story remains and Kryon has never vacillated from it.

So at approximately 30,000 years ago, we have the beginning of the Lemuria we speak of, and 26,000 years ago was is “created.” This means that it was at its peak, and YAWEE is there. This timeline also corresponds to the last time the Galactic Alignment was “centered,” or the wobble of the earth was at the starting point. It’s a 26,000 year wobble called precession.

Also note something small, but a point that many have asked about. When Spirit speaks of a specific day (such as the equinox), where on earth is that? Earth is always in two days, so how do we know what the reference point is? The answer from Kryon was given only two times so far. Once in Sedona, and once in Montreal… both in 2011. He says, “The center point in time for the planet is not in London. That was developed for maritime reasons.” (He speaks of the GMT, or now called UT.) “It instead resides in Lemuria, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which you now call Hawaii.”

Lee Carroll