The Lemurian Choir
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 as channeled through Lee Carroll.

Ukraine, May 2012

Moscow, May 2012:  "The Purpose of the Tones"

Boulder, January 2012:  "The Recalibration of Knowledge"

San Diego, November 2011:  Kryon Channel at the Lemurian Rehearsal Seminar

Sedona, June 2011: 
Kryon Channel at the Lemurian Rehearsal Seminar



San Diego, November 2010:  Kryon Channel at Gematria staff meeting


Moscow, 2008:  "The First Note of the Choir"
At this Lemurian Choir Rehearsal, Lee Carroll shares what Kryon has said about the attributes of Lemurian civilization, their technology and longevity and introduces Dr. Todd as “Yawee, the high Lemurian scientist with the first inter dimensional apparatus”.  Kryon tells us the significance of the tones, and gives Dr. Todd hints about working with inter-dimensional things in a linear way. 

At 34:35 Dr Todd demonstrates the whale tone and Yod Hay Vod Hay, the Code for Creation
New Jersey, 2004:  "The Yaw-ee Effect and the Laser"
Kryon begins the channel talking about DNA and physics.  At 32:20 he describes the amplified healing principles Yawee developed in the Temples of Rejuvenation that he calls the “Yaw-ee Effect’, its impact on biology and chemistry and then closes the loop by describing its relationship to DNA.
Mt. Shasta, 2003:  "The Mt. Shasta Experience"
Kryon surprises Dr. Todd by identifying him for the first time as Yaw-ee, the Spin Master.  This happens about three quarters of the way through, towards the end of this channel at the Summer Light Conference in Mt. Shasta. 


From the Kryon Book Series by Lee Carroll 

The Pleiadians & Lemuria
Here's the “Adam and Eve” story of the
Polynesian people that comes from an excerpt presented from KRYON BOOK 12 (2010). It's much more than channelled information. It's written in the lineage of the Hawaiian people and explains the Pleiadians and Lemuria being Hawaii.

Excerpt: Kryon Book 12 – The Twelve Layers of DNA,
     “The Pleiadian Connection: Truly Weird!”, Pages 54-67

Temples of Rejuvenation
Kryon identified Dr. Todd as the architect who built the Temples of Rejuvenation in ancient
Lemuria and described thier purpose as by saying,
"It is here that humans of choosing undergo a three-year cycle of refreshing, the process which will keep them alive and balanced far beyond the years of life that you currently experience in your culture. This is a temple because it is recognized that the balance of a human is one that involves reverence and respect, and honor for spirit, mind and physical."

        Pages 107, 153, 158-160, 243, 275
Book Three: Alchemy of the Human Spirit

        Pages 266-269

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