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 as channeled through Lee Carroll.

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"As the channel and scribe of this work, I ask that you honor The Pineal Tones by respecting the responsibility of their stewardship. By refraining to share them in any way without my permission, you enable me to guide the timing and appropriateness of their dissemination to humanity while they are still evolving and the full extent of their power and purpose is as yet in discovery.  Thank you for protecting the purity and integrity of this work by honoring its corporeal ownership." 

                                                 In loving service,
                                                 Yawee  (Dr. Todd) 


Please do not record, distribute or commercially exploit the content.

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by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

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Pineal Tone Level XII:
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Pineal Tone Level XIII, XIV,XV:
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Pineal Tone Level XVI:
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Pineal Tone Level XXII, XXIII, XXIV:  Copyright © 2012

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Download the Tone Pairs Choir Booklet (PDF)

Note:  If when listening online, a recording fails to play, please refresh the web page and it should then work fine.

Pair One (Cycle 1, Pair 1)

Download Pair 1 - 1 & 4 (right click, save as)


Pair Two (Cycle 1, Pair 2)

Download Pair 2 - 2 & 8 (right click, save as)


Pair Three (Cycle 1, Pair 3)

Download Pair 3 - 9 & 3 (right click, save as)


Pair Four (Cycle 2, Pair 1)

Download Pair 4 - 5 & 11 (right click, save as)


Pair Five (Cycle 2, Pair 2)

Download Pair 5 - 22 & 21 (right click, save as)